Aste Nagusia 2017 in Abando Hotel

04 August, 2017

Enjoyment Aste Nagusia in Abando Hotel. The activities will open on Monday, the 21st of August with the delivery of the trophies of the literary contest Bilbao Take hold Nagusia. On Tuesday 22nd, delivery of the trophy Abando Jaiak 2017 to an illustrious figure of the Athletic of Bilbao. ” Pintxos’s Contest 5.0″, which it will take place on Wednesday, the 23rd of August, at 13:00. And on Thursday, the 24th the delivery of the prize “Txinbo Abando” at 13:00.

In addition, the cafeteria Platea 9 that will open from August 19 to August 27 from 07:00am.

Gora Marijaia! Gora Aste Nagusia 2017!